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Alliant Energy Helps Washington County Hospitals and Clinics go “green”

Washington County Hospital and Clinics is going green. Alliant Energy worked with Iowa Insulation to apply insulation to piping and valve areas in the hospital's boiler room which will help conserve energy and provide savings for years. Alliant Energy presented a rebate check totaling $22,916 to hospital officials at the Washington County Hospital.

The cost of the project was $78,950, but the projected annual energy savings for the hospital is more than $30,000. The energy savings, along with the custom rebates means that the insulation upgrade will pay for itself in approximately 2 years. These improvements result in the hospital lowering its expected energy usage by an estimated 35,856 therms of natural gas each year. This represents approximately 13% of the hospital's annual usage.

Alliant Energy Rebate Check

"Faced with rising energy costs, our hospital was challenged to explore projects that could impact energy savings. Following an energy analysis, it was determined that installing insulation blankets throughout the powerhouse on steam components would conserve heat loss," said Rick Distelhorst-Director of Support Services, Washington County Hospital and Clinics. "The insulation project will provide an annual energy cost savings that will be beneficial for years to come."

"We enjoyed partnering with the hospital to identify and implement an energy savings plan," said Chad Wiltz-Stategic Account Manager, Alliant Energy. "Washington County Hospital and Clinics officials were enthusiastic about the project and are looking at additional opportunities to work with us to reduce future energy costs."

According to the U.S. Department of Energy one of the fastest and most effective ways to reduce heating costs is to reduce heat losses by insulating pipes, values and fittings with insulated coverings. By using advanced, custom-made reusable insulation, heat and energy losses can be reduced up to 90 percent.

"Energy savings is only one benefit," adds Distelhorst. "Employees will experience fewer burns, mechanical room temperatures are more comfortable and the appearance of the room has improved significantly."

In addition to lowering its energy bill and receiving a cash incentive from Alliant Energy, Washington County Hospital is also doing its part to reduce its environmental impact. The hospital is avoiding more than 179 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. This is equal to removing 32 passenger vehicles from Iowa roads or planting 40 acres of trees.

Custom rebates are available to Alliant Energy IPL commercial, industrial and agricultural customers replacing standard efficiency equipment or measures with components that reduce electricity or natural gas usage. Custom rebates are designed to promote energy efficiency practices and improved energy utilization.

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